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Trade NJ SRECs the AEPower Brokers way

Trading SRECS SINCE the New Jersey SREC program started in 2005! 

AE Power Systems treats all of our commercial customers to a higher level of personalized service.  Your SRECs are never lumped into a  large “managed” trading pool.  We tailor a different trading strategy to match each customer’s specific needs. 


We understand that companies tolerate varying levels of risk, have different financial objectives.  That’s why at AE Power Systems we do not start trading a companies SRECs until we understand what your company goals are and how we can best meet your SREC trading needs.  As part of our holistic service approach, we are also qualified to advise customers on issues surrounding long term array management, solar maintenance programs, new system construction, and more.


Each of our customer’s relationships works a little differently.  Some businesses ask us to only focus on maximizing SREC profit.  For others, we create strategies to maximize profit while also ensuring cash returns at specific times of the year.  For still others, we take a more conservative approach selling using hybrid dollar cost averaging pattern.


Help us to understand your business needs and we help you maximize the value of your solar investment!



This type of SREC trading is a great idea for residential and smaller commercial array owners who want great returns and want their SREC trading to be on "auto pilot".  Much like a mutual fund these SRECs are pooled together and then sold periodically under the expert guidance of the AE Power Systems staff.  Sale prices are then averaged across the entire pool of SRECs and everyone is paid based on the same averaged sale yields.


The proceeds from these trades are mailed out twice a year. 


The NJ SREC market fluctuates.  Past results do not neccesarily reflect future returns, however, since our inception in 2005 the returns of our pooled SREC sales have consistently outperformed the SREC market as a whole.

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  Commerial SREC Trading   

Commercil SRECs
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